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Paramedic tattoo

areola tattoo reconstruction is the most exciting service I perform! It is a service specially performed for cancer survivors. It is a moment of closing a cycle! Where I can bring back the self-esteem of a person who has gone through complicated times but has overcome all the challenges and is ready to live fully again!!! What will be done, is a technique where I will, in the best possible way, bring a realistic drawing of the areolas, using the same principles as a tattoo, implanting pigments into your skin! 


The areola reconstruction is a paramedical service, but the possibility of performing it also in cases where the client is just unhappy with the color or shape of natural areolas is not ruled out.


I will feel honored to be part of this moment with you!

To schedule an appointment, send an email to stating your interest, the last time you had a breast procedure, your availability, and your phone number.

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