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Tattoo - FAQ

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First of all, choose the design. Choosing the right design and the right location can guarantee the success or failure of your tattoo, do it with criteria and never on impulse. It is important to have passion for the design you choose, so that your relationship with your tattoo does not wear out over time.

By choosing the right design and place, you will live in full harmony with your tattoo, and for sure you will be admired for the living art that you will become.

It is extremely important to make up your mind so that you don't regret it later. Take the professional's opinion into consideration as well, many times he/she can help you decide what is best for you.


It is your responsibility to make sure of the quality of the professional you choose. Take a look at his work, look for recommendations. If the photos of his work match your expectations, get in touch to find out if the artist's personality also matches your way of being! There are from the rockiest studio to those where you will lie down and relax listening to meditation music!

Tattoos are personal and it is good to get tattooed with someone you can trust and identify with.
The artist should be open to answering your questions and should be involved in the process of creating your tattoo art. If the artist doesn't like any of your ideas, can't get your wishes down on paper, or tries to lead you to something you don't like, you may be in the wrong place.

Find an artist who will give you what you want and stay true to your instincts.
Just know one important detail, I for one do not copy any tattoo. Some tattoos are actually in the public domain, that is, many people have the same, like infinity with Love, various words, even the Poseidon, many people have the same, however, an art that I notice was made exclusively for a client, telling his personal story, I don't copy. I suggest modifications and adaptations to make the tattoo uniquely yours!


For quotations, please fill out the form above (on this page), put as many details as you can so I can give you an accurate value


This is very relative! The perception of pain is something very personal. The same design tattooed in the same place can, in two different people, give different sensations, ranging from pain to pleasure! More pure truth!

I would say that the tattoo, at the moment of its execution, is something that bothers, a slight burning sensation that can be more or less intense, but that is bearable and gives a huge satisfaction when you see the work of art, the tattoo, ready! There are some regions that are more sensitive, such as the thorax, neck, ribs, and the inner part of the arm.

But don't be afraid of pain, in smaller or larger proportions, this depends on each person and it will be part of your tattoo's history! Think about it, if it was so painful, why do so many people come back for more?  The key word is to relax and enjoy the process!
If you are already in your procedure and are feeling a lot of pain, try to relax, concentrate on your breathing, think about something else, read a book or listen to your favorite music on your phone with a headset, whatever you want! But try to relax! This is something I can't do for you, so embrace the cause and be as still as possible so that the tattoo doesn't linger and the discomfort doesn't continue any longer!

That way, in the end, you will be proud that you did your part to make the procedure successful!
Of course I will stop if you need to go to the bathroom or stretch! Even I need to do that! But fidgeting because of discomfort with pain will only prolong the process and may even make me miss the drawing. We certainly don't want that! 



Yes, in several ways but two are the most common, they are through the studio and tattoo artist and the other through you. 
As for my studio, your risk is nonexistent. I am a serious professional and extremely dedicated to offering you the maximum of safety, because if I offer a safe environment for you, I will also be safe. I only use disposable needles and materials, and there is always a wide and deep cleaning with proper hospital cleaning products for biosecurity, avoiding any kind of contamination. 

But as for the healing of the tattoo, it is up to you. It is essential to follow the instructions you will be given to avoid infection and inflammation. You need to take care of your tattoo like any other wound. See the topic How should I care for my tattoo for more details.
If you follow the care to the letter, your healing will be great and your tattoo will look great!


I always try to give suggestions, but it is not up to me to choose a design that you will carry with you for your entire life! I can advise you, see if the design you have chosen is appropriate for the area you want to tattoo and guide you to choose something that is more suitable!

I advise you to inform yourself as much as possible: look for references on the Internet, in tattoo books and magazines. There is a range of possibilities to get to know all the varieties of styles until you choose the one you want to tattoo. Think of moments and details that are part of your life, for example a turtle that represents the realization of the dream of going to Hawaii (I have one!), or a bicycle if you love this sport, choose something that has a story or some meaning to you.


The appointment is made only upon a $100 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and is the first step in getting started with the artwork for your tattoo. 

I usually require up to 10 business days to deliver 3 design options that are created based on your specifications. From these options, we define everything you approve for the creation of the final artwork! You can still request minor adjustments to the art up to 1 week before your appointment! After this period, any adjustments to the artwork are charged separately.

For estimates, please fill out the form above (on this page), put as many details as you can so I can give you an accurate value.


The minimum investment for a tattoo is $250. In this value it's normally possible to make something delicate, simple, up to 3cmx10cm.

A drawing that is previously defined by you and that I will only make small modifications (I don't copy other tattoo artists' work). 
But a bigger drawing, with more details, shadings and textures, or any drawing that I have that I do from scratch and personalized for you (I usually say it's a custom drawing), the value is only informed after we talk through your budget request.
For quotes, please fill out the form above (on this page), put as many details as you can so that I can give you an accurate value.

It is interesting to know that tattooing is a work of art, and therefore there is no table for this. It will depend on the location (of the studio), the infrastructure offered and especially the quality offered, the place to be tattooed e.g.: chest, fingers and ribs may have different values due to the difficulty of the work. Putting all these factors together, keep in mind that it can be a high investment, depending on what you want to tattoo.

One thing I like to mention is: a woman spends on average $ 1000.00 per year at the hairdresser's, and this cycle repeats itself for all her life, the tattoo is paid only once, and this experience is unique!

So don't skimp when it comes to choosing your design or tattoo artist, you are only paying once. Avoid regretting it later by saying that you could have done it a little bigger, or that you should have chosen that other design and didn't do it for a little more money. There are things that are not worth saving!


In addition to the artist's time, dedicated to your artwork, immortalized on your skin, whether it is sent by you or drawn from scratch by me (which counts the time dedicated to the drawing), also included are:

-all the disposables used in your tattoo (protective plastic for stretcher, for the machine, and everything else that is used in your procedure),

-good quality absorbent paper

-needles made in the USA,

-recipients for pigments,

-high quality pigments made in Germany or in the USA,


-deep cleaning hospital products for biosafety,

-Paper for printing your design,

paper for printing your design, -specific and own paper for decal of your design,
high-quality lint-free cotton on your tattoo


-saline solution,

-Distilled and purified water to use for the procedure (I don't use tap water),

-soap used by doctors to properly clean your tattoo

-disposable mixer for the pigments

-and a host of other materials that could make a huge list.

-It is also included in the tattoo fee, everything I can offer for your comfort in my studio, a clean, cozy and bright environment,

pleasant music, air conditioning in the heat, heater in the cold, a clean bathroom, healthy granola bars and cookies in case you feel hungry during the procedure, coffee or tea if you feel like it, and water...

- Last but not least: also included is my total dedication and respect to you, you can be sure that I will give you the best of myself to accomplish your tattoo, trying to exceed your expectations!


No. Under no circumstances. Not even with the written permission or accompaniment of parents or guardians. It is forbidden.


Yes, tattoos tend to take different shapes when we create LOTS of muscle mass or lose LOTS of muscle mass and fat.
It is interesting to avoid the belly region, the elasticity that is created there can also interfere with the tattoo. Especially women, due to the fact that they can get pregnant and consequently stretch the skin there.

The back region and from the waist down, the thighs and the leg potato, with the passing of the years are perhaps the regions that suffer less from anatomy changes and flaccidity.

But this is really for very large losses or gains of muscle or fat. Around 30, 40 kilos for example.
Or when you get a tattoo at a very young age and then gain a lot of muscle mass and stretch in size.


Although there are no proven contraindications, I do not perform the procedure on pregnant women. It is worth remembering that a woman's body changes completely during pregnancy and may not respond in the normal way during the procedure and healing.

Better safe than sorry!


I don't recommend getting a tattoo when you are down on your luck!

There is no reason to get a tattoo that will bring unpleasant memories in the future. I have heard several stories of unhappy people who got tattooed in unfavorable states of mind and later regretted it bitterly!

Sometimes, being impulsive, wanting to prove something to someone, that doesn't usually work out so well!
Tattoos are permanent. Also, avoid fad or fashion tattoos. Be sure of what you want, plan with me, and be emotionally well enough to receive your tattoo.

Tip: Never get a tattoo while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


It is - extremely - important that the skin is well moisturized in the area that will be tattooed. So start applying moisturizer 5 times a day, for at least a week before the tattoo (the ideal is to start today!).

It is important that you come well rested and nourished. Don't go out late the night before your tattoo, and avoid alcohol and any other drugs the day before, the day after, and the day after your procedure.

Eat a light but substantial meal, as an empty stomach can cause problems such as a drop in blood pressure and nausea. 
Please arrive on time! A few minutes early is fine, but avoid arriving too early (10, 15 minutes), as I need a specific amount of time to get everything ready for you. And especially avoid arriving after the scheduled time, because I need time to offer you the best of my work, with calm and tranquility. Tattoos should not be done in a hurry!

Therefore, if you are coming by car, count on the time you will need to look for a parking space or count on the unforeseen events of public transportation.

If the time you arrive is not compatible with the time I need to perform the work with quality, it will be necessary to reschedule your session and a new deposit will be required for your new time.

It is ideal that you have your bath already taken because it is best not to shower the day you have your tattoo done.


you can request minor artwork adjustments up to 1 week before your appointment! After this period, any adjustments to the artwork are charged separately.


Some care is extremely important for the healthy healing of your tattoo:

1 - You will leave the studio with the tattoo clean and protected from external agents. I will put a waterproof plastic that you will only remove after 3 days. After this time, remove the plastic gently, wash your tattoo with neutral liquid soap and cold running water, dry it with a paper towel only touching the skin (NEVER rub the skin) and start applying a specific ointment (I have it for sale in my studio for $12) / a specific ointment for your tattoo, you will get this ointment on the day of your procedure. (But before these 3 days - tattoo day + 2 plastic days - let the skin close the "bruise" naturally, without intervention of any ointment or cream). Apply a thin layer of ointment whenever the tattoo is dry (it's not to flood the tattoo with product, making it oily. If it's uncomfortable to sleep, use the plastic film only at this time to avoid that the tattoo scraping on the clothes and sheets.

2 - Avoid beach, sauna and swimming pool, for 30 days, not even to stay in the "shade" or with clothes. The sand is dirty, the sea air is bad, and the excess heat is bad for the tattoo. The sauna will make you perspire putting ink out and the pool has chlorine that is a depigmenting poison for the tattoo. Avoid the sun as much as possible, especially during the first 30 days.

3 - Avoid these foods the day before, the day after and the day after your tattoo: pork, seafood, chocolate, peanuts, pepper, acai nuts and a lot of fried food. Also avoid alcohol and any other drug as already mentioned.

4 - You can't scratch the tattoo ANY WAY! Scratching is part of the healing process and it is important to respect this! Besides our nails being dirty and can cause infections, scratching can remove the skin that would naturally get loose with the healing process, bringing along the ink and this will fail the drawing of your tattoo. So if you scratch, with clean fingers or cotton swab, give light touches where it is scratching. Observe if you are moisturizing the skin enough with the ointment, if the skin is dry it will itch more. The skin may or may not create peels, this depends a lot on the healing of each person and on the care that must be followed to the letter to ensure a healthy healing for the tattoo.

5 - Avoid contact with pets, especially in the tattooed area. Animal hair can bring impurities to the tattoo and they can also end up licking or passing their paw and nails on the tattoo and hurt the work. The same care should be taken with babies.

6 - Use sun block. After this healing process of more or less 15 to 30 days, depending on the body of each person, every time you are in contact with the sun for a long period, use sun block for the tattoo not to lose its shine. Coconut oil is an excellent natural and fĩsico sunblock, does not contain Zinc, which is depigmenting.

7 - Avoid the gym for 7 days, avoid exercising because it will heat up your body. After this time of 7 days, think of the following way, if the tattoo is on the upper part of the body, work out the lower part until the fifteenth day of the tattoo and vice versa. After 15 days you can work out normally.

An excellent result of healthy healing and beautiful finishing of your tattoo is only possible if we work as a team! I will do all the work with excellence standard for you to have a wonderful art eternalized in your skin! But what you will do after the procedure is what will contribute for the best healing and consequently leaving your tattoo more beautiful and lasting on your skin! After 100% healed (30 days), always hydrate daily, this will keep its shine for the next years. Follow the care strictly and contact us if you have any questions during the healing process.
The rest is all joy!


The whole project of your tattoo will be done with care and dedication, with a lot of details using information passed by you, and everything will be decided by you before the work is done.

A tattoo is not only the drawing on your skin, but also all the work done before and after it, the time dedicated to it, and the products used in it.  I will be 100% dedicated to your procedure and offer you the best of myself with total exclusivity, comfort and responsibility.

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