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I am very happy with your visit here in this area where I bring great transformations in the lives of my clients!


Permanent makeup can make your day-to-day life much easier! This procedure can be done on the eyebrows, eyes, and lips! For the eyebrows, there are pigments of various shades to match all skin and hair types. If the person is blonde, the pigment will have a blonde shade, and so on. For the mouth, it is necessary to analyze the natural color of your lips, understand the result you want, and then choose the perfect color for you. And imagine having a totally waterproof eyeliner!


Permanent makeup is a technique based on the principle of tattooing, but the products used are specific to last for a period of time and can vary between 6 months to 2 years. That is why we also call this technique semi-definitive makeup, and some retouching may be necessary during this period.


A sketch is made before any procedure so that you know exactly what the final result will be. The design I do is always in accordance with the measurements of your face and the shape of your eyes, forehead, and nose, so that your expression is harmonious and balanced, maintaining your personality naturally! 

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