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Andmade brush holder


A lot of people already know that I like to do my own thing! I've always done crafts and I've always liked to create my little things starting from scratch ! I know it's very easy to go to a store these days and find accessories, pretty cool stuff holders and very affordable prices. But I like to do it and I think it makes sense for you to put your affection , your choices, your colors in the things you make. I wanted… So I decided to do it! Here I show you the step by step of how to transform two tubes of Pringles potatoes into four holders that in my case will be handmade brush holders ! You can cover them with paper or fabric. I preferred fabric because I had some scraps that would make really cool combinations! Also, with paper I would have to be more careful not to let the glue wrinkle the paper. Fabric would be faster, which is a strong point for me as I don't have much time.

I really hope you like the idea and that it is useful for you! Rock the prints!

First, measure the size you want your trunk to be. I measured according to the size of the brushes, I wanted the tip of them to stick out, so use that as a reference. If you are going to use it for pencils, measure so that the ends of the pencils are sticking out, as this will make it easier for you to pick them up. But if you want to make a small stuff holder, make sure it's small too. For example, I made three larger ones for the larger brushes and one smaller one for the smaller brushes. I used the ruler to measure, I made 3 points with the ruler from the bottom to the top around the tube I made the connection between these points (with my free hand I didn't bother to make it so straight, but you can also use a tape measure and to connect the dots and trace so that the part you are going to cut is straighter.

Then I cut it with a knife. I think it's easier than sticking the scissors in and cutting.

I wanted to remove the bottom of the two cans because I already had two others and I used the lids of the 4 to make the bottom of the brush holders. But if you only have both, you can keep the bottom of the two cans and use their lids to make the bottom of the other parts that will be cut and that will not have a bottom.

After everything is cut you can paint white so the tube design doesn't show behind the paper or fabric, or use dark paper or fabric so that tube pattern doesn't show. As I was in a hurry and needed to do it quickly, after all it was dawn, I glued the fabric directly to the tubes. Some of them even showed a little bit of the tube print on the back, I already counted on that but I didn't care. If I had more time I would have painted it first, let it dry and then glued the fabric. So now, with a brush, you apply white glue on the tube and glue the fabric in the way that it hangs a little bit upwards so you can fold it into the tube, leaving the finish prettier.

To ensure that everything was glued right I used clamps to hold the beads then I placed all the pieces in front of the fan and they dried in 10 minutes

As I made combinations of two fabrics in each piece I wanted to make a detail to highlight the fabric of the other. But you can do it with just one fabric and it will look cool too! I used a waxed yarn to outline the fabric that I placed over the top of the first fabric. With a specific glue for fabric, you can also use white glue, but then it will take a little longer to dry, but with a specific glue for crafts and weaving, I outlined the cut I made in the second fabric and went around it with this waxed thread. Again I put the pieces in the fan to dry for another 10 minutes

to give a little prettier finish to the base of the piece, I put a tape around the tube

In my case, this tape will be inside the transparent caps of the tubes I already had, 2, and the tubes I'm using now, +2. These caps will be the bottom of my brush holders!

Okay, now I have brush holders that will fit right where I need them and that will add a touch of color to my makeup studio!

Hope you enjoyed this tip! You can make it for many other things, pencil holders, pens, rulers, hair tiaras, makeup brushes and much more!

A big hug and until the next post!

Débora Mendonça

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