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Curl your hair with a flat iron

Hi! Today I'm here to make my first post about hair – How to curl hair with a flat iron . Mine, as many already know, are very longing and demand a lot from me, but I love it! During summer and spring it's great, because I can use and abuse my curls and I always prefer to keep them very voluminous! I do my best to curl them even more! .. But with the arrival of winter in New York I need to wear a cap or hat to protect myself from the cold and that ends up getting in my way…

It leaves my hair all marked and wrinkled and I end up having to keep the cap or hat on throughout my walk or throughout my day because after my hair gets scrunched up, just washing it back to normal and my hair is very dry, so I can't wash them every day! So I started to brush more often to make my routine easier! But since I like my curly hair, I make waves or curls at the ends and that way I keep a movement more similar to mine! And I like to curl my hair with a flat iron! Many of my customers love it and ask how I do it and I decided to make a video for you.. Don't mind the quality! It was made in an improvised way, but I hope it's a lot for you. If you have any questions, just leave a message for me right here on the blog or on my YouTube channel!

The board I use is the one from the babyliss pro, it has one of the rounded ends, just to make it easier when you want to make waves or curls!

You can find out more about her here (in English) and here (in Portuguese).

But you can use any!! The technique works for all

See the video! I hope you enjoy!!

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