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How to depot lipstick!


I “lost” all my lipsticks all at once, a while ago, on a job I did in a hotel.. I had to invest in several others again , because as a professional, I need to have many lipstick color options to please everyone the likes!

In order not to run the risk of this happening again, I decided to depot my lipsticks . This means: taking some or all of the pot from themselves and moving on to another place. Being able to assemble your own palette of lipsticks.. I deposited some of them, so if I "lose" them again, I'll still have most of them at home.

I made a video showing how to depot lipstick for you to have them all together at the same time with you!

And just below the video there is a list of where to buy the materials. You'll find that you don't have to buy everything, but one or two things might be needed!! it is worth it

Hope you liked the tip! Now here's the list of everything I used. By clicking on the product you enter the site!

In Brazil:

empty palette

Metal plate and spatula

Aluminum pot - I didn't find it in Brazil

In New York

empty palette

Metal plate and spatula

aluminum pot

Hope it was helpful!

Until the next post!

Big hug

Débora Mendonça

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