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Makeup artist checklist


Today the post is about my own experience, about how I changed part of the process of my life as a makeup professional when I created my checklist! Now I'm naming it as: Makeup Artist Checklist so I can share it with you and maybe make a difference in your life too!

Even professionals with several years of experience run the risk of forgetting some detail: a cotton, a cotton swab, makeup remover and at some point during customer service, the professional may end up having to borrow and give an impression of carelessness. Imagine for professionals who are starting their career?! When I started, this happened a few times, even though I was an extremely organized and detail-oriented person. I always thought that everything was ready and at the time “H” something was missing: a lipstick brush or an eyeliner brush and I always had to improviseor as I said, borrowing from the client. I felt super embarrassed, after all, in my opinion, professionals always have to be prepared for everything! .. After a while (very short time, because I am a perfectionist and I charge myself a lot), I had the idea of ​​making a checklist, that is, a list where all the products and materials that I would need to take to attend an appointment were written. client. In addition to preventing me from forgetting any details, this made the preparation of the material much more practical and faster, as it was simply following the list and everything would be fine!

For a long time, I only attended my makeup studio (mainly here in New York) so I no longer had this need to take the material out to appointments so often. But when these requests for external care arose , it was the same story as at the beginning of my career, I happened to forget some detail such as a wet tissue or some specific corrector, because I lost the habit of having to prepare the material (shy laugh).. So, I found myself again needing to follow my (updated) checklist to facilitate the preparation of all the necessary products and materials!.

So, since I went through it and I already know what to do to make everything better and more practical, I decided to share with you that you are intending to be a makeup artist or professional makeup artist! This list will mainly be useful for when you don't know the client and need to take almost everything you have! After all, you don't know what's ahead!

It may be that you don't have a product on my list or the opposite, it may be that you have something that you don't have on my list, but this one will serve to help you prepare your material more efficiently and quickly!

Let's go to the checklist :

wet tissue


makeup remover

cotton swab


mask (protection for your mouth)

mirror (to show the makeup to the client at the end)

disposable mascara applicator


support foam (to not place the hand or fingers on the client's already prepared skin)



base plate

brushes (main: foundation, lipstick, blush, powder, shadows, eyeliner) – check brush cleaning

thermal water



chopsticks (cocoa butter or Vaseline will also work – to moisturize your lips)

primer (eyes and face)

varied foundations (fine finish and high coverage ones)



aqua seal





shadows (case to take the shadows shadows)


mascara to eyelashes

lipstick (I don't use gloss)

lip contour pencil

eye pencils (light and dark)

eyebrow pencil (or use eyeshadow)

false eyelashes (full and tufted)

eyelash glue

makeup fixing spray

So did you like it? I hope this checklist will help you throughout your career! If you want to share, leaving here in the comments, any product that is not on my list but that you take to your appointments, I would be very happy to know too!

A big hug for you!

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Until the next post!

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