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My new haircut with Fabiola Girardi

Hi Guys!!

I am so happy! This post is to show my new haircut! After about 15 years without cutting in a salon, I accepted the invitation of the super sweet Fabiola Girardi who is a hairdresser and has a salon here in NY! I already have several clients who take care of her hair with her and I was sure I could trust her with my curls with my eyes closed!! And it really was with my eyes closed! She is so affectionate and has such light hands that I almost fell asleep in the chair!

We Brazilians really like to meet Brazilian beauty professionals here in NY, because we can always express ourselves better and be sure that the professional really understands what we want! And it may be silly but everyone around here says they prefer to cut hair, shave, do nails or any other beauty service, with Brazilian professionals!! Why we are better, more detail-oriented and more concerned with customer satisfaction! Is not true?

Anyone who lives in NY can't help but meet this super professional Fabiola! As I said, several of my eyebrow design and waxing clients already do their hair treatments, brush, cut with her and now I could feel in the skin, or rather, in the hair, how competent and talented she really is! Besides being a sweet person!!

I made a vlog of the day I went there!! Watch to get to know the salon and see how she worked on my highlights! And if you book for the first time, just say my name and she will give you 20% off!

Fabiola's salon is on YELP. Click here to see the rewiews, they're great!

You can hire various services at MC Salon: MEN HAIRCUT / WOMEN HAIRCUT / GIRLS (10 & UNDER) / BOYS (10 & UNDER) / UPDO / ROLLERS / BLOW OUT / CHAIR MASSAGE

and much more! Click here to know all the services and values.

The salon is located on second avenue between 82 and 83, number 1592. Phone 212-988-5252.

Go check it out! I'm sure you will like it! I loved it!!

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