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My skin care – 1st session


This post is to talk about my melasmas and my skin treatment! A lot of people know how sad I was with how my spots darkened on my vacation and that's why, at the invitation of Claudia Theodoro who is a beautician here in New York, I decided for the first time to do a more aggressive skin treatment to lighten the spots and consequently improve several other ailments on my skin!

Right here on the blog, you can see an interview I did with Claudia talking about sunscreen. It's amazing how I knew practically nothing about it and I always took good care of my skin, or as I said in the interview, I thought I was taking care of it. There is a lot of information that is not widely publicized about protectors and the harm that some substances in most of them can cause to our health. Click here to watch the video and learn all about sunscreen, how to use it and what not to use (in children and pregnant women, for example). It's a long video because I wanted to make it as explained as possible and so it's worth watching!

But going back to talking about my spots, talking to Claudia before making the sunscreen video, she informed me about a treatment that could improve my spots by almost 100% and offered me to do it so I could show it to you as he is really efficient. And of course I accepted due to my great dissatisfaction with my skin and because I trust Claudia a lot!

The treatment is called Micropuncture: which promises a series of solutions for the skin not only the lightening of the spots. Micropuncture promotes skin stimulation through the action of hyaluronic acid that is implanted right after the session, promoting the formation of new collagen, firmer skin and less wrinkles! Claudia will explain a little more in the video. With this treatment it is also possible to improve the texture of stretch marks, more apparent scars, pimple marks and also improves the issue of open pores. If you search on YouTube you can see results from people who have rejuvenated a lot after this treatment! I'm super excited!!

According to Claudia, for the condition of my skin, I will need at least six sessions in her office and each session is held once a month. At home the treatment continues 3 to 4 times a week with the dermaroller and some products she recommended.

See how my first session went and then I'll inform you of the entire list of products I'm going to use and how you find Cláudia here in New York!

So what did you think? Claudia knows how scared I was to do and feel pain Lol! But it really is very quiet, her anesthetic is powerful!

At home, I will have homework every day:

In the morning I have to use (in this order):

  • Feluric Acid (which has Vit C + Vit E) before anything else and let it dry

  • Environ eye cream

  • AVST 1 Environ moisturizer

  • the sunscreen (you'll know which one is best by watching the sunscreen video )

At night I need to use:

  • Environ eye cream

  • AVST 1 Environ moisturizer

  • c-boost Environ

The Dermaroller that is this little device on the side, I will have to use it 3 to 4 times, as I already mentioned, and right after applying the Vital PS Pigment Stabilizer serum. I must do this process before the evening products. The micro holes will facilitate the entry of products into the skin.

There are several needle sizes: 0.25mm, 0.1mm, 0.3mm and so on. In addition to being different also in the number of needles. One for each type of treatment.

With Cláudia here in NY, the investment for 3 micropuncture sessions is $650, 5 sessions → $1000. As for the products, as for each person a type of treatment is defined, different products, the values ​​also vary, so it is interesting to speak directly with her!

I have an important note for you: I am specifying everything here in the post, so that you are aware of what the treatment is like and have a sense of the dedication I will have to have to achieve my goal. Please do not purchase these products yourself. Each person has a need and the products are targeted to different skin types and situations. If you are in New York , look for Claudia to find out what is the best treatment for you. If you are in another region, look for your dermatologist or your beautician and talk about it!

Claudia's Spa is located at 400 E 56th Street, suite 1, New York.

Phone 212.389.1313 / email:

Hope you enjoyed the post! Next time, when I do the second session, I'll tell you how the recovery was from that first one, how the dedication was during the weeks.. I'll tell you everything!! Subscribe to my youtube channel, I will definitely make a quick video of the dermaroller session at home for you to know too!

Big hug!

Débora Mendonça

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