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Revlon Special

Hi! I'm so excited about this post! From a super shy request to have some products and do the reviews, an opportunity came up that was an amazing experience! In this video: Revlon Special , you will get to know a little about Revlon's office here in New York , get to know several products from the new Color Stay – Love Is On collection and also follow a basic makeup tutorial for everyday life, but very versatile!

As I said in the video, the list of products is here:

Nail polishes : ♥ color + colorstay gel envy base – color 620 roulette rush ♥ color + colorstay gel envy base – color 100 cardshark ♥ Diamond top colt – 10 (transparent) I love Revlon nail polishes , they last very well! And look, I'm also a housewife, my nails last a maximum of 5 days intact.. With Revlon nail polishes, it lasted 8 days intact and then I just kept touching the tips and it lasted another 4 days! I thought it was great!

Now for the makeup products : ♥ colorstay concealer – here known as concealer – color 4 medium ♥ colorstay foundation for normal to dry skin – normal/Dry – nude color 200 ♥ colorstay quartet – eyeshadow palette – 500 addictive intoxiquant ♥ colorstay eyeliner – black/black ♥ colorstay eye pencil – color 201 black noir ♥ ultra volume mascara – it has a pink lid ♥ blush – color 150 charmed enchantment ♥ highlight palette – illuminating palette color 30 bronze Glow ♥ ultra HD matte lip color – liquid lipstick – color 610 addiction dependence

Ready! Now just watch the video and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Revlon better! Don't forget to like and share!

Big hugs and until the next post!

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