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what i think about exfoliation

Hi people!

This is more of an educational post, but based on my experiences! I'll talk about what I think about exfoliation and how I do mine!

I'm not a dermatologist or beautician but I have many experiences with skin as I am a makeup artist, hairdresser and epilator. So every day I see skins in different ways, different textures due to events such as allergies, alopecia that can happen for numerous reasons! In my courses, I learned a lot about skin conditions that can cause hair loss and hair loss.

In these almost 15 years of profession I worked a lot with clients who gave me a lot of tips and information passed on by their dermatologists, beauticians, grandparents lol! And with that I always did research and got to know people with the same types of problems and when I passed the tips learned with other people who were in the same situation and it worked, I was realizing that similar problems also had similar solutions, even though they were different people .. anyway.. I could list all the situations I've seen, but it would be a very long post!!

In the video I talk more about exfoliation, because many customers ask me what I think, whether or not we should exfoliate the skin. making the little towel I use to exfoliate my skin, which doesn't hurt at all and has worked very well for me!!

I really hope you like it and enjoy!

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